how to stay positive when you have cancer

How to stay positive when you have cancer

how to stay positive when you have cancer
Being positive and having positive thinking can help you cope with cancer, but it’s also natural to feel upset and scared sometimes even if you try to be positive.

People with cancer are often encouraged to be positive. But it’s not always easy. Living with cancer and its treatment can be frightening. There will be times when you feel low and worried about your future.

What does being positive means?

You can be positive and think positively without being cheerful or optimistic.

This means recognizing some of the terrible possibilities that can result from cancer. Positive thinking also recognizes the importance of hope, regardless of the situation.

Although your cancer is at late stadium, some treatments can relieve symptoms and improve quality of life.

Resentment and fear can be a sign of strength and can reflect your courage in the face of an uncertain future. But sometimes it can help try to turn negative thoughts into something more positive as they get into the head. This takes practice.

Express your feelings

This does not mean that you always have to stop feeling sad. It is important to let you experience your feelings. It’s okay to cry if you need it. If you feel very angry, look for ways to express it. You might try to practice or listen to very loud music. Sometimes they can really help.

Do not let your happiness and imagination goes away with you

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to stick to what you know to be true.

If you keep thinking that your life will never get better because of your cancer, you do know that this is not true. Most people with cancer experience some negative feelings during their treatment, but over time, things are usually better.

Your support network

Make sure you have a good support network of positive people around you as close friends and family, doctors and nurses or consultants. These people can really help lift your spirits and be there when you need a shoulder to cry or hear what you feel.

You may be surprised of how helpful the conversation with your friends and families is.

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